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«Theatro Bazillium» circus is a unique construction with incredible interior design. Being easily movable, it offers comfort and luxury uncharacteristic for any other mobile tent.

«Bazillium» was originally created by Vasily Demenchukov of Cirque du Soleil. A world-famous artist has long lived with an idea and planned to realize it in his home Russia where the theatre of improvisation, experimentation and eclectics had no analogues. Now it’s the time to present an unusual environment with a thrilling atmosphere to the global market.

Keeping in store the best traditions of the circus art, «Bazillium» integrates them with the latest inventions and technologies for the most stunning shows.

Let the miracle come into your life!

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Organization of events

Bazillium teatro is available for:
– sale;
– rent;
– customized production.

3D tour of the circus

3D tour of the circus «Theatro Bazillium» is presented by our partner RestLook — the best city ​​guide.

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